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An electronic systems engineer in the defence sector, Olivier Terrien is an active member of the French electronic warfare and information operations association, Guerrelec. An auditor for France's Institution of Advanced Studies of National Defence (IHEDN), he has published hundreds of pages in the international press on a variety of subjects including strategy, military history and influence of electronics in conflicts during the twentieth century.

Summary of the project

Oty Productions Site 36Stratagemes photo1Pervasive throughout our society, electronics in radar, radios, telephones, computers or 
computer networks is an extraordinary lever for power for those who control it. While technical in 
nature, it can nonetheless become a dreadful vulnerability for those who do not understand it. 
Describing the influence of electronics has had in history through famous events of recent conflicts 
offers even novices a didactic approach to understand the issues without getting lost in technical 
concepts that remain incomprehensible to ordinary mortals. 
Designed to raise awareness, this book draws on a world-famous reference, The Thirty-Six 
Stratagems. Much like The Art of War written by Sun Tsu, each chapter of this Chinese classic 
work addresses a historical and/or strategic principle, then illustrates it using similar examples. In 
this "revisited" version, each of these thirty-six stratagems are completed by a modern 
interpretation selected from anecdotes of modern electronic warfare, espionage in 
telecommunications or hacking in cyberspace. 
A dynamic text and a definitive compendium to (re)discover electronics in our society. 

"Understand today and foresee tomorrow by (re)discovering yesterday » 

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For more than 100 years, Electronics have shaped our daily lives. Now part of our common language, words like "radar", "radio", "internet", "computer" and "telecommunications" speak of some of the many inventions that result from this technical field of study. Although discreet, Electronics are an essential engine driving innovation today. In our era of economic and cultural globalisation, these advances make our lives so much easier, favour competitiveness in business and provide us with means to ensure our safety.